All You Need To Know About The Eat And Run Verification Website

Eat-Dubai is a real-time monitoring system that shares newly created betting sites and 먹튀검증사이트 websites that are currently operating. All scam-related site information is transparently shared with members to help prevent additional accidents. In preparation for the recent surge in scams, you can search the site’s name you are using in the search bar to check past scams. It offers comprehensive scam verification at a simple request, and It additionally makes this verification process easier by having a bulletin board through which you can request to scam check a website. You can prevent more than 80% of scamming incidents by diagnosing and self-verification and following the related security steps.

How to spot an Eat and Run website

  • Check the site maintenance period – This is a simple way to check the site maintenance period through the website ‘whoissite’. Checking the operational period of the domain is also a way to understand how long the site has been operating. If the site has been maintained for at least three years, it can be relatively safe.
  • Conduct a background check – You can check if there are any past scams associated with the domain by searching the name or address of the site you are using or plan to use by entering *name of site* + scam in google search.
  • Check the eat and run list – You also have the option available to check the eat and run list on the website to decide. If the betting site is included on the list, it is a proven scam.

In the current scenario, online betting is an extremely lucrative and growing trade; as such, it is important to be cautious and refrain from using scam sites that can cause big-time financial harm.

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