Learn about the payment’s withdrawal safety on Indus Games and GetMega

Online games are a great source of entertainment for the younger generation today. With the development of new technology and gadgets, these online games deliver honest gaming experiences to people. Every developer of such gaming apps tries to make their product stand out in this competitive market. For that, they come up with new ideas and concepts to attract more online gamers. To increase the gaming experience among users, many online gaming platforms like Indus Games and GetMega feature money games. It simply means that by playing such games you can win real cash. 

These money games are often skill-based, so you can acquire new skills and strategies and also develop your social skills while playing with other participants. However, due to the increase of scamming in the digital world, people are usually scared to invest their money on gaming platforms as well. A genuine gaming app or website will always have the best security feature concerning online transactions for games. From registering with authentic ID to using the best and certified safety protocols, these gaming websites or apps must engage all such features to ensure safe transactions online. Out of several online gaming platforms, let’s consider Indus Games and GetMega. 

Indus Games 

Indus Games is a fantasy cricket app that allows users to win cash by playing various tournaments. To play the tournaments, the users need to make teams. These tournaments are based on T20 cricket format and ODI and test. Considering the security of players, Indus Games only allows registered users on its portal. For verification, the gamers are required to submit their mobile numbers along with their Google profiles. This ensures a safe environment for playing games and winning cash. Being a popular fantasy sports platform, Indus Games heavily emphasizes real players. This online gaming platform is very secure in terms of payment withdrawal. The encrypted servers of Indus Games allow gamers to withdraw their cash rewards fast, thereby providing them with an excellent gaming experience. 

Considered one of the unique fantasy sports apps, Indus Games offers the best in-app experience to the users. This app provides an interactive leaderboard where players can keep a tab of their performance. Indus Games comes with a simple UI that allows gamers to focus entirely on the game and to entertain themselves. Further, this app ensures the gameplay is optimised well so that the users can easily participate in the tournaments. 


GetMega is an RNG certified multi-gaming app that features games like Rummy, Poker, Carrom, GoPool, PickMe, etc. based on Cards, Casual and Trivia. Considered the most secured gaming platform, GetMega only allows 100% verified players to participate in various games. Since this app provides real money to the users, the developers have designed advanced security features to make the payment withdrawal seamless for the players. The developers have added an extensive verification process so that no unchecked player can pass through the app and misuse it. Also, the Random Number Generator and shuffle mechanics of GetMega, ensure top-notch security thereby enabling players to enjoy a good gaming experience in a safe environment. 

Like many other gaming apps, GetMega is also a member of the All India Gaming Federation. The app features leaderboards which are task and winning based. Participants can win various attractive gadgets and even cash when they acquire the first 10 positions on such leaderboards. Loaded with horizontal and vertical gameplays, GetMega provides optimally displayed elements that make it easier for users to interact with the games and earn exciting cash rewards. The intuitive UI of GetMega also ensures users have a delightful experience while playing a diverse range of games. 

Thus, we can say a good online gaming platform must also ensure extensive safety and security protocols to make payment’s withdrawal easy for the users. Now that you have learned about the security features of the above-mentioned gaming apps, select the one which ensures the high-end safety of the users. 

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