Top Five Facts You Might Not Have Known about Roulette

It’s a game that has been around for centuries, and people are still fascinated with it. You can find roulette in casinos all over the world, but you don’t have to go to Las Vegas or Monte Carlo to enjoy this classic game.

Five interesting facts about roulette that you may not know:

  1. There are 36 pockets on a roulette wheel, and each pocket has the same chance of winning the bet.
  1. The second most interesting thing to know about this game is how easy it can be for someone who knows what they’re doing to beat the house edge by making educated guesses about which numbers will come up next – something we’ll get into later!
  1. The only number that cannot appear more than once on a single spot on the board is zero (0). This means there are always at least two chances out of thirty-six that your ball will land on a number that can’t appear twice in the same place.
  1. The odds of winning are based on how many numbers are still left to come up after your bet, not what has already landed. For example, if you’re betting red/black and all you see is black so far, but there’s one time remaining before your turn comes around again, then all bets have an equal probability of being correct! In roulette terminology, this is called ‘Odd’.
  1. Roulette was first played back in 18th century France where it was called ‘roue meaning little wheel.’ It started out being just another card game but caught fire after coming to Paris, where it was improved by adding a roulette wheel with the numbers zero (0) through thirty-five.

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